I got a new Rabbit and its fantastic. Unbelievable. I had a gogo that I traded and twice a year when it wouldn't go 2miles to the market and back I put new batteries in. The Rabbit, after the 1st month the dealer rang me and I said my battery indicator was faulty as it showed full all the time. Never went down. They said drive it further so I did. Over 3 days I went more than 25 miles and it still was going strong. 7 bars went down so I don't know how far it will go. It goes up big hills, across tracks and everywhere. This is amazing. and it looks great. The carbon fibre and the wheels are classy and quality all over. The perfect scooter from an honest dealer.
Tom E

I love the staff at Letrix Power. I traded my old rascal scooter on the top of the range Montana and it is just much better than I expected. The sales literature does not describe how smooth my new scooter is to drive. I ordered it and they organised payment terms, I am 77, and the delivered it the same day. He cleaned a space in my garage and set up the charger and then went for a walk around the block with me. Thank you.
Grace W

My father who is 85 got a Lotus Blake scooter last week. I was a bit worried that he was too old to be running around on one at his age especially as he has just had his licence taken off him.. However Ed was wonderful and spent a great deal of time with him to make sure he was completely familiar with the controls etc. He has now got a completely different attitude and it is wonderful to see him out and about with new found freedom! I didn't believe the salesman at first but the new scooter my Dad bought is way way more safe than anything else he looked at. More comfortable too. It is a Lotus Blake Montana. Good to see the people doing the right thing and not putting any sales pressure on my Dad. Hopefully now the TV scooter company will stop ringing 3 times a day! Many thanks. LF.
Louise F

I have just traded my 12 month old ShopRider scooter on a New Montana. The Montana is the most amazing scooter imaginable. I had seen the ads and heard stories in the past but my local dealer slandered them badly so a year ago I bypassed the Montana and bought the big SR from said local dealer. Big mistake. So my family drove me to the store and I traded it on the Montana. I use it at least 10 miles a day and it does it so well. The stability and handling is so good. The extra features are nice and the seat is so much more comfortable. Letrix Power were so nice and polite. Even when I said the rubbish the local dealer said about them they didn't care. Nothing was a hassle. I pay $52 a fortnight and its easy. The manager called me a month after I got it to make sure everything is OK. I have had scooters and chairs for many years now. The first thing my son did do was look at the spare parts dept and then talk to their service technicians and this put his mind at ease after my last bad experience. The Montana scooter is a class above all others and I know this now. Don't listen to people that run down other products. Look for yourself to decide what is the good advice. It is worth the trip to Letrix Power.
Jean P

I ttok my scooter to the deaeler who said it needed to trade in an get a new one. a frien said go to letrix Power and he fixed it for $125. what a rip off my dealer was. I say deal with Letrix Power for fair treatment of the disabled
Paul D

I have dealt with Letrix Power for the past decade. My latest scooter is a Montana Magnific. This is my 3rd scooter from them. Ross in service is just marvelous. They do some much gratis for me and seem to take a real interest in me. My latest scooter is so smooth and precise. I now go scooting a lot more often as this scooter is so good to drive. And the new seat is better than any lounge chair.
Robin W

I bought a Tycoon sports mobility scooter because, first of all, it looked so expensive and classy. I understood the science after studying up on the topic. The Tycoon is really Hi Tech with very advanced engineering. I play a bit of golf and was a bit shy at my age to be using a mobility scooter. So the Tycoon was a perfect option. However this is a great product. Not just a golf scooter but a real urban electric vehicle. I now use it everyday to travel all over. On the train into the City. Out to the Beach. Into the mall and shopping. It just goes anywhere and everywhere with real style and performance. I am an engineer and I tell you this is the future of urban transport. I also use it for golf, I drive it 2 miles to the course, play 18 holes and drive home. Its Great. I am telling you, save the planet and give up your car and get a Tycoon.
Ross K

I like my Scooter. I am alone in a small appartment and I go to the supermarket and the food court for lunch and I can stay in my appartment without going to a nursng home. I have 1 leg amputated and I drive my Montana everywhere. The guys are always kind to me. I get a new Montana every 2 years, this is my fourth 1 and is really smooth. I pay $25 a week and this is better than taxi and my son moved away for a job otherwise I can't get about to buy food or even enjoy a ride in the sun everyday. Montana is the best scooter.
Billy C

"I just received my Tycoon. It almost fell together. It was so simple to assemble. You can't imagine how light some of the pieces are. Like balsa wood with the strength of steel. When I took it to the course it drew a crowd of 30 people. I felt quiet chuffed to be the first to have a Tycoon. It just looks sensational in the sunlight. The performance on the course was truly amazing. Smooth and effortless are the best words I can think of. That rare earth motor just feels so solid. I used 3 out of the 10 bars to do 18 holes plus a few test rides."  

Colin K

"My 2 mates have got each a large scooter from other brand and were more money then me. We went up the mountain near us and my Montana was the best. I beat all them up to the top easily. Then we went in the fire trail and my Montana was all that could go. The others stopped on the steep part." 
John C

"I had a pride celebrity scooter and I had to stop using it as it hurt my spine over the bumps. It had what they said was suspension but it was really just springs on rubber bumps stops. Now I have a Montana and with the very good comfortable seat and the real suspension set to a soft setting I can use a scooter again. Plus I love the steering. Very precise. It reminds me of the MG I had in the 1970's. I had hair then! It is much better than my old scooter"
Tony W

"You have gotta love the Montana. I used to have the large 4 wheel breezey scooter from Israel. I thought it was great because it was so big and impressive to look at. But it was really hard to control and steer. My brother looked at the front suspension and was appalled at how basic it was. He is a mechanic and when he looked at the Montana he was impressed and suggested I get one. It really is as good as they say. It is just so easy to drive. I feel so much safer and now I travel all over town."
Heather P

"My first scooter was a 2002 model Esteem. It was good. Then I got my Montana. Mainly because my neighbor got one and he whizzed rings around me. The extra speed and power really gets me to where I am going. I always dreamed of owning a Porsche but never did. Now in my old age (86yrs) I feel that my Montana is the Porsche I never had. It is more than just a scooter to me. Its great." 
William C

"In the war I was an instrument fitter in the RAF and worked as a jaguar mechanic later on until 1965 when I went into a small business. I looked closely at all scooters before settling on the Montana. One of the things that really impressed me was the thorough attention to detail across the whole machine. Specially made stainless steel nuts and bolts, small precision bushes and thrust washers throughout the suspension. I very much like the hand sewn leather hand grips. The level of quality throughout is very classy. Way beyond all the others I viewed. And the ride comfort is really so much better. What they say is right. Nothing can compare. I congratulate the Australian engineers on their acheivement."
Walter W

My Montana I got from Letrix Power is been the best in my life. It gets me everywhere and with my back as bad as it is the seat and the suspension is better than my scooter before. Plus it goes faster up hills and never stops. The service guy charged me to come and do a service which I thought was free after 1 yaer. $185 I paid but the scooter did go better and was a regular service done by them. My daughter likes them and this is her computer. She always had to take the old scooter to the shop but has no worries now.
Ron T
Gail R is able to stay  living in her own home at Whittier with her Esteem. 2 years on it still goes great.
Very Happy mobility scooter user
Retired Colonel William D 92 yrs old. Enjoying his Montana everyday around Dana Point. Its about still being independent.
Satisfied scooter owner
Hollywood star Hugh O'Brian and friend scootering about Beverley Hills for the day


satisfied scooter user
Satisfied customer letter
Montana Owner  Joe at Lido Island sent us this card he made on his computer. Well done Joe.

Dear Ed

As you can see from the cover, there is no buyers remorse with my Montana from me. I am totally satisfied and only wish that I had been aware of this product much earlier. I quit driving my car 4 years ago. My Montana takes me anywhere I want to go in the Newport / Balboa / Lido Island Community.

Take a test drive and see why the Montana has a loyal and cult following among seasoned scooter users

Happy Montana scooter owner
Esteem Deluxe Scooter.  Serial No 0004 off the 1st production line.

This is a Generation 1 Lotus Blake Esteem scooter purchased new in 2002. Its had 2 owners in that time. Records show that it has done 3,500 miles since new. In 2009 the batteries were replaced and the scooter was moved on to its second owner. Recently we serviced the scooter and replaced speed and throttle pots, front wheel bearings and the motor brushes as precautionary service items.

This scooter is still a great scooter today in fabulous condition and will operate without issue for many years to come. We can supply all parts and servicing needs at very realistic prices for years to come.

We proudly stand behind the scooters we sell and will do so for a long time to come. Real quality with genuine support isn't expensive, its priceless.
esteem mobility scooter 2002 model

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