Letrix Power and its subsidaries was established in 1990 and has consistently led the way in the manufacture and supply of small electric vehicles. I am an Australian and my home market is Australia. I dominate this market. I am now well and truly established as the quality manufacturer of the worlds most advanced small electric vehicles. I am setting out to be the #1 supplier of top end mobility scooters in the USA. Based in Los Angeles area and distributing across the USA. Operating as the direct factory importer and distributor. 

At a recent International Expo sponsored jointly by the Danish and Japanese governments our scooters were selected as the worlds best. They drew particular praise for Superb Engineering, Greatly Advanced safety standards and the Stunning World Class Build Quality. A level above all others. An innovative product built to a standard, designed and intended to be the best. Business degress teaches us that the best product just can't be the cheapest and the cheapest most certainly can't be the best. A philosophy that is our business. Rule no 2. Be successful and prove your product in your home market first. Our first Esteem sold in 2002.  We have sold and serviced our products in our home market in ever increasing numbers since. It has become the cult product to have. Reputation intact and growing. Our users really like our product. They are our best sales reps. Something to be proud of. I am proud to make it. My clients are proud to own it.

This remarkable range of scooters sold by an exclusive network of dealers is now available across the USA in relatively low numbers. Of course we need to ensure the end users experience is always first rate. I like my users and they like me. And so, we have no room, or tolerance for anything less than the most ethical business practices.

Our scooters are not the cheapest in the market place and never will be. However they are very realistically priced. Less expensive than scooters with far less technology or quality. With retail prices from under $3,000 there is little or no objection from clients craving a quality scooter experience. Be sure that the quality and world leading products we supply are mature and enjoy a cult following in our home market.

We are not selling a franchise or marketing scheme. We require competent agents around the USA that can cooperate with the view to developing and expanding  through customer service. Persons with integrity, honesty and a willingness to satisfy and maintain our clients will be considered. Contact the manager for business development

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