Back Patented Balance Technology as it applies to all our models. Be amazed at how good a mobility scooter can be   So much Safer. At least 200% more stable than older designs. Nothing previous can compare. Unequalled safety and comfort  
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Watch this short video to understand this new and innovative technology.
By moving weight to the front of the scooter the ideal 50:50 weight distribution is achieved. Driving stability is improved by an enormous amount.
The centre of gravity is nearer the centre of the scooter.
This creates and angle of ascent so steep its virtually impossible for the scooter to tip.
In older designs the centre of gravity is well towards the rear of the scooter.
In older designs the angle of ascent is quite small requiring the use of anti tip wheels.
  If your scooter needs or uses anti tip wheels than it's design is inherently unstable. And it will drive like that. A feeling that you might tip at anytime. Not pleasant. A billycart with no regard to your safety or comfort. Terrible.   In our scooters there is a real feeling of security. Almost instantly you feel safe and secure. The scooter holds you and feels solid to the road. The suspension absorbs uneven surfaces and bumps. Cornering and handling is superb.