Other worldwide patents also apply. Infringements will be prosecuted. Join the 2 lucky chinese manufacturers that became our first offenders. Be aware we also have a Taiwan patent.

This patent describes in detail how a small electric vehicle should be made. The outcome is a design that is stable, steers and handles correctly, is easy to use and can be run at higher speeds or across uneven surfaces and steep inclines without risk to the user. 

On the surface a straightforward patent. But impossible to achieve the same result any other way. A simple and very effective invention.To relate the importance of this patent to small electric vehicles I compare it to cars.

Cars emerged in the late 1800's and there were many designs and ideas. It took till the mid 1930's (50 years) for Cadillac to figure out the correct way to make a car. Up till then cars had different control methods, starting techniques, chassis and suspension design, cabin layouts etc. Cadillac laid out that you use pedals for the throttle, brakes and clutch, a gear lever operated by hand and a hand brake and an electric starter. Simple enough but a revolution in its day.

All cars are now made this way. This in a way is how scooters have developed. From billycart beginnings with bizzare and unstable designs into a true vehicle. On the outside scooters may look pretty much the same. But its what lies beneath that is important. Particularly when it comes to safety for the Aged and Disabled. Our products now define how a scooter should be.

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