Back         Rabbit 3 Transportable Scooter 
The Most Transportable Scooter

Very Manoeuverable

Lightweight Magnesium

Tight Turning Circle

Assembly takes less than 30 seconds. Each piece is integrated with the next.
The amazing TR301 Rabbit scooter is a marvel to transport. Ideal to pack in the boot of any car and transport to the shops. Great indoors in tight applications. Cruise ships, hotels, apartments, libraries, churches and much more. Simple click together design assembles quickly and easily. Compact lightweight pieces stow easily in most cars. Battery range and life are extended significantly. The adjustable seat and tiller give the ideal posture position. There are 4 main pieces, Seat, Middle, Rear and Tiller. Each piece weighs 22 lb or less and are  easy to lift and stow. Standard batteries are 28ah Panasonic. Proven long life with exceptional range. In some instances smaller 15ah batteries weighing just a few pounds can be used.

The most manoeuverable scooter design possible.
 Length              45"
 Width               21.25"
 Clearance         3"
 Track               19.3"

 Capacity           242lbs suggested
 Speed              4 mph
 Climb Rate       1:4
Weights     Metric
 Seat          11 lb
 Tiller          9 lb
 Middle       15 lb

 Rear          22 lb
 Post          3 lb
 Weight       60 lb ex batt
 Battery       22lb 28ah
 Battery       11 lb 15ah
DC motor 24 volts 280watt
Panasonic 28ah SLA batteries
Range 28 miles theoretical
Curtis Electronics   Waterproof
Integrated Differential rear drive
Magnesium carbon Fibre chassis
World class build quality

  Capacity is a guide only and will vary depending upon terrain. Larger loads can be carried in less severe terrain. Theoretical range by ISO test. Scooter and battery condition may have an effect. Weight and terrain will have an effect.  Assembled in China Components from Australia USA Germany Taiwan Switzerland Japan Specifications subject to change without notice E. & O.E.