Esteem Deluxe electric mobility scooter

Patented engineering in this advanced chassis design allows the batteries and electronics to be inserted in the front of the scooter creating a static 50:50 weight distribution. At least 200% more stable than most older designs. Zinced and plastic dip coated and rust proofed for long life

By using lightweight alloy wheels, advanced dual wishbone suspension arms and tuned with hydraulic shock absorbers with coil over springs a remarkably low un sprung weight has been achieved. Creating a super smooth ride with extraordinary handling and stability. One short ride and you will be amazed

New transaxle with compressed sinterd gear set smoothly technology delivers 2 horsepower on demand.

Unique 50:50 weight distribution creates amazing stability

Solid  cornering stability. like a modern sports car.

Safe and stable on even the most severe slopes.

The seat uses 4 high tension springs overlayed with molded foam rubber and is finished in a durable automotive synthetic leather. This is a really comfortable seat


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